Transforming Procurement – Implementing the 2015 Public Contracts Regulations

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In tests, the delegates achieved over 120% improvement in specification writing knowledge as a result of attending this workshop.

24th February, 2015Venue: London – Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London

With the draft 2015 Public Contracts Regulations ( PCR)  having been published, in the last 2 revisions of the PCRs, there has been little change from the Draft compared to the Final Regulations. Transforming Procurement is designed to assist Contracting Authorities implement the SI. It is targeted at the legal, corporate and strategic commissioning, procurement, policy and finance functions. This workshop will focus upon the wide-reaching changes being introduced by the new public sector and concessions regulations and covers levels of detail not covered by others. There are corporate, operational, management and practice changes required to make the most of the new opportunities and secure compliance. Our analysis of the changes required indicates 27 key areas of practice which require review and revision culminating in updated internal Schemes of Delegation, Standing Orders or Contract Procurement Rules, systems and IT. Some larger organisations will find the training and promulgation arrangements demanding.

We will highlight important new developments which were not covered in the workshops run by the Cabinet Office. Whilst some decisions are still required on issues which are reserved to the UK, many are of an administrative nature. Francis Maude was recently reported to urge that Contracting Authorities ‘be prepared for procurement reforms’. The new National Procurement Strategy for Local Government stresses the importance of developing professional and technical expertise with a view to understanding and implementing the flexibilities afforded by the new EU Procurement Directives. With no change proposed to the Remedies Directive, it is imperative for contracting authorities to be compliant when the Statutory Instrument takes effect by late March 2015.

With new Public Contracts Regulations now expected to be placed before Parliament in early 2015 before the General Election purdah, time is getting short to implement the regulatory changes. This workshop supplements the training offered by the Cabinet Office by considering the local impact, implementation and changes in internal processes and practice required across all areas covered by the Directive plus the ‘Lord Young’ reforms which focus on SMEs.


The workshop will;

  • Compare the requirements of current and 2014 directives;
  • Identify important developments not highlighted in the Cabinet Office training or guidance;
  • Examine the changes to practice which must follow e.g. abolition of Part B Services;
  • Outline the new procurement routes that will become available;
  • Look at the steps which have been taken to improve SME access;
  • Explore the new opportunities to consider social and environmental matters;
  • Review measures aimed at facilitating innovation including new service delivery models;
  • Outline the eProcurement requirements;
  • Identify the changed rules on selection;
  • Consider the impact on tender evaluation;
  • Examine the new ‘light touch” procurement regime for health, social care and education;
  • Explain the new procurement regime for concession contracts.



Morning Coffee and Introduction

  • Comparison of current and new EU procurement rules;
  • Examine the changes to practice which must follow e.g. abolition of Part B Services;
  • Outline the new procurement routes that will become available;
  • Outline the eProcurement requirements;
  • Explain the new procurement regime for concession contracts.


  Exercise A
Developing a corporate response to the new rules;

12.30 Lunch

  • Social and environmental considerations;
  • SMEs and innovation;
  • “Light touch” procurement regime for social care and similar services
  Exercise B
Selection and tender evaluation;
  • Identify the changed rules on selection;
  • Consider the impact on tender evaluation;


16.15 Close


This workshop can also be delivered inhouse to interested organisations by Doug Forbes, Barony’s Director, former Chair of the Commissioning Division of IHM, author of the Guide to Procuring Council Services, Achieving Commissioning Excellence and Life after Procurement – A Practitioners Guide to Contract Management. He is currently vice chair of CIPFA’s CJC Panel.  His focus is on the key managerial and resulting changes in practice which if not followed will result in an increased level of challenge.

He will be partnered by Lee Digings, a noted expert in public procurement law and former procurement manager. He is co-author of “EU Public Procurement: Law and Practice”, loose-leaf legal encyclopaedia (Sweet & Maxwell) and “Public Sector Law”, public procurement and local government practice notes (LexisNexis). He is formerly national procurement advisor at IDeA and has consulted at local, national and European level.

Who Should Attend?
Divisional Directors, Legal Advisers, Corporate Procurement and Commissioning Managers, Commissioners, Procurement Managers, Procurement staff, Workforce Development, Finance, Audit and Transformation teams.

Delegates will be given the opportunity to join a post event Special Interest Group which will be geared to offer practical support on implementation and access to a helpdesk service.

For a discussion on delivering this workshop inhouse and how your organisation can meet the policy agenda, please contact Doug Forbes on 0208 8191563 or email


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